Monday, May 7, 2012

A Wonderful Birthday Surprise!

I really am the luckiest girl in the world. So Brad and I were home for my birthday and for a while I guess he has been hinting at what he was going to get me. I never once guessed because I'm thick like that. Well he got up early one morning and ran into town and came back with a brand new, sparkling, hallelujah inspired orange little I-pod. Like the kind you run with. I love it. But I didn't know that the best part of my birthday would have to wait until we got back from being home. You see, Brad and I have had a favorite song together since we were dating (one of many). So when we got back into town, I got sent to my room and had to stay there for a while. Once I was finally told I could come out, I came out to a nice dinner and our song playing. We danced in the kitchen and then I was starving so we snarfed our food. What was really cute about all of this is the fact that Brad was re-creating that song for us. The song is by Darius Rucker and is called "All right". It is all about how the guy doesn't need anything fancy, he just needs the woman he loves. (in case you are wondering, Brad was playing the guy and I was the woman he loves.) I guess Brad has been wanting to do this date for a very long time. Like since before we were married and possibly before we were even engaged. He can't remember.   
 In one part of the song, he says that he doesn't need a fancy 5 star reservation but that homemade spaghetti and a cheep bottle of wine was all he needed. Well since we try to obey the Word of Wisdom in this household, we just had sparkling cider. We didn't get a picture of this but after a couple of minutes, Brad pulled up Youtube videos of Patsy Cline (which we had both never even heard of) because in the song he talks about how all he needed was a cheep stereo and the best of Patsy Cline.  
 All the candles were aglow and our plant that neither one of us water, or have watered since like Christmas. We seem to have a talent for not taking care of stuff and they just wont die. It is probably because we are so cool, all the plants want to stick around.
 Love him so much!
Sorry it is so fuzzy, but I thought it was such a cute picture, or maybe such a cute idea of a picture since you can't really see anything, that I just had to add it.

Well for the rest of the night, we went to the river and sat out by the bank side and tried to look at the stars. It was cloudy so we couldn't see much. I then started to get a little bit spooked (which Brad capitalized on) because I was just convinced that hobos were living near the water. And then all the fish started jumping and I just knew a bear would come for dinner so we decided to get out of there before we became dinner to either a hungry bear or a crazy hobo.     

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