Monday, May 7, 2012

The odd little things that make life grand.

I love the randomness of married life. We have so much fun together and the camera really needs to come out more often. In fact, I want to try to start taking more pictures. I have the hardest time remembering to bring the camera and when I do, either Brad or I decides we don't want to take pictures. I think both of us are just going to have to such it up and say cheese. 

Last semester, as I have mentioned before, was one of the hardest and busiest semesters of my life. I did nothing but homework and would fall into bed at the end of a very long day that usually started somewhere around 5am and ended at like 10-12pm. Brad was the biggest support I could ever ask for. He didn't have as big a homework load as I had, But his classes were very hard and he had an on campus job that started about 7:00am so both of us were working our tails off. But not only would Brad come home and help me with my Chemistry, but almost every night he would make dinner and do the dishes too. He was a true champ.     
 This is an apron that one of my good friends made me for a wedding gift. There is a matching guy one that doesn't have the ruffles but I think this one was on top or maybe I just thought it would be funnier to make him wear this one.
 I know, terrible picture of me but this is how I looked all last semester. Sitting on the couch with tons of homework and books around me. So glad I will be graduating soon and can take a break from studying so much. (Sorry mom, I really am working on my posture. Just not when I am sitting, or standing, or thinking, or breathing. But other than that, I'm doing pretty good.)
 One of the Sundays of that dreadful semester, we decided that it would be fun to walk through the little nature park that we live close to. This was one of those times when I wanted to take pictures and Brad didn't want to have anything to do with the camera. So naturally I convinced him to take some pictures with me but it all ended up us making funny faces because by the time picture taking actually got started, both of us were already tired of the idea. But I'm kinda stubborn (family trait) so I made sure that no matter how awful they turned out, there would be pictures taken.

 An attempt at a somewhat nice picture but the sun was too bright and we were both cold and wanted to go home.
 HUNGER GAMES!!!!! I am a fan of the books and was so excited to see the movie. Well it was sold out for miles except for one showing at like 10:00am and seats right in the front. By the time Brad and I noticed that there were still seats available in that showing, it was like 9:45am and we had just gotten up for the day. (Don't worry, it was a Saturday so we didn't skip any classes). So we jumped up, brushed our teeth quick and left. I happen to be wearing his sweatshirt and neither one of us had showered yet that day. It was so fun to make a last minute decision like that and run with it. We both loved the movie and can't wait to own it when it comes out.

 So this is now caught up to this semester (Summer 2012). We were able to both bring our bikes to school and that has been the major mode of transportation for us. Now that Brad has a job and needs the car, it is the only mode of transportation that I have. I have to bike to campus and try to get there in time for a van that goes out to the livestock center. If I miss the van, I miss class. I must also add that we always wear our helmets when biking (thanks Allen for teaching us).
 Just workin' on our health and vitality.
 Brad trying out a new style. I'm not such a huge fan so it didn't last long.

Well, the world is all caught up on the Mousley family for right now anyway. I will continue to try and be better at updating and taking pictures. Actually, one more really fun thing has happened. Brad and I were able to get tickets to see Diamond Rio. The pianist is a member so they came to the school to do a show. We didn't know that you could take pictures or else we would have brought the camera. It was a great show and tons of fun. The band tried to get as many songs in as they could in the short amount of time that they had. The son's of the pianist are in a duet together and they were the opening act. I guess they have opened for people like Kelly Clarkson so they were pretty good. All in all, a very fun night.  


  1. You two are so cute and you will be so glad some day that you did this. My favorite is the apron....

  2. I love that even though you are slouched over the computer in a sweatshirt and basketball shorts you didn't forget the important things. Earrings. And big danglies at that!

  3. Aunt Rachel, what kind of woman do you think I am? Of COURSE I have my earrings in. Any decent woman would.