Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our First Vacation

So I had never been to temple square during Christmas time, I know, not very Mormon of me, but I had always wanted to go so Brad and I decided to have our very first vacation together, ever. It was a blast and one of our favorite memories so far.  
 Us on our way to Utah lookin' good in our sunglasses
 We took this right when we got there. It was SO cold.
 The lights were so incredibly beautiful I could hardly stand it. We have a ton of pictures and I could hardly narrow it down to these ones.

 Snow art. Sappy, I know, but we had just gotten married. Can you even blame us?

 They had hundreds of these little brown bags with different designs on them. So cool. And it must have taken a ton of time to do all of them.
 In the Joseph Smith building with this incredible tree

 They had all of these little nativities from all over the world. So fun and it was fun to see all of the different interpretations of the nativity.

 Cool picture that Brad took. Love the tree behind us.

 This was in the conference center and they were just taking down the decorations for a program that they had had there. We also got there just in time for someone to get on the organ and start playing Christmas music. 

 Thinking of getting a new mattress. Straw is not my first choice.
We found this cool cathedral and had to stop and take a look around. We even got to go inside and see all of the paintings and art inside. Really cool and fun.

We had so much fun. We got to not only be on Temple square with all of the lights, but we got to walk around the next day and go to all of the church buildings and just spend time together. Not bad for a first vacation. Can't wait to go on our next. 


  1. How FUN! I love traveling with the hubs. Great memories.

  2. Love the updates! Thanks for sharing the pictures. What I mostly love is seeing the two of you....HAPPY! And in LOVE!!!!!! Makes a mother's heart happy. And grateful.

  3. PS -- Let's work on that photo of the two of you with the lights above you and turn it into a picture you can frame. Love it!

  4. Ok sounds good to me! I love it too. And so does Brad

  5. Umm, you were in SALT LAKE AND YOU DIDN'T CALL ME????? Rotten. Just rotten. I forgive you. Just don't let it happen again! Ya hear??? ;)

  6. Rachel, I am ashamed. I wont let it happen again. Actually, I don't think I even have ANY of my aunts phone numbers. Kinda sad. Cuz none of you call that's why. Relationships are two way streets. :)

    1. Dearest Darling PJ,

      801-373-2481 (home)
      801-717-6810 (cell)

      You now have my numbers. I do not have yours so the ball is in your court. No more excuses!!!! ;)