Monday, May 7, 2012

Snowmobiling. My new Addiction

So I accidentally deleted this post so I have to write it again. It goes between the post about our first vacation and my birthday surprise.

Brad's family is way into snowmobiling and this is the second time I have gotten to go. We went to Island Park here in Idaho and it is about an hour away from Rexburg. It is a ton of fun. Since Brad and I were still in school, we went for the weekend and stayed with the family in a little cabin. The rest of the family got to stay for about a week. Brad and I had so much fun that the next Wednesday we skipped class and went back for the day. I hope to continue to get good enough that I will be able to go on some of the more advanced rides next year. Or maybe the next after that. We even got to have an up close and personal experience with a mad mamma moose that was separated from her baby. I had to jump of my machine because it looked like she was going to ram it and Brad almost got to pet her back as she fell right next to his. But in the end, everyone came out with a good story and no broken limbs.   
 These are some huge trees that are just pilled with snow. A very fun ride all the way up to the top of a mountain.

 I never seem to pick the activities or sports where one is given the opportunity to look attractive.

 Thumbs up for a great ride
 This is a river where you can feed these huge fish. We made the trip and I was so frozen that I couldn't even attempt to break bread apart for the fish so Brad just took pictures and I just watched the fish swim around expectantly. It was almost funny to see them thinking I was going to feed them and then for me to taunt them with the fact that I had no food.

 If I was a midget, I would live here. It is this little cabin looking house that we don't know why it is there but it was cute and little and I had to have a picture of it.
 I think I might really like this kid.
 Me attempting to smile for the picture but then I realized you can't see my face.
 Me getting my big head out of the way so you can see the river. I was so cold I couldn't even take my helmet off.
The moon was just beautiful. We got back from a ride right as the moon was starting to come up. I love snowmobiling and can't wait to go again.


  1. I remember when you told me & someone else that you were going snowmobiling with him for the first time :) So cute!

  2. HA ha ha i know. Things have changed a little bit since that first trip :)

  3. A mad moose. ARE YOU NUTS!

    Don't make fun of my cabin! It's all I could afford!!