Thursday, May 31, 2012

Warning, Long windedness and audience participation ahead. Proceed with Caution.

So today is kind of a hodge poge of all sorts of different ideas and thoughts. So, where to begin? I guess I have a couple of questions from my readers (this is where you all participate like the good followers that you are). So my mom, sister, and just about everyone in my family, including in laws, are all about essential oils. I even have a couple of aunts that sell, or advertise, or I don't even know, but they are Way into it. I am trying out a few to see what I think. So far I think they smell funny. I have heard all of this great stuff about them but I don't even know where to start. I started trying them because my immune system decided for the last 6 months it was on vacation and didn't want to respond to my desperate cries for help. I have noticed that while I am taking the vitamins (don't ask me what kind I am taking. My mom said "here" and I am swallowing them. But I trust her) and I am also using on guard or something of that nature, I have not been getting as sick as often. So I am kind of loving that. I have tried the Lavender to help me sleep and I will admit once or twice it helped calm my mind so that I could relax but most of the time I dump half the bottle down me and then suffocate all night. (Brad, as a consequence suffocates as well, poor guy). But I haven't noticed too much help from the Lavender. I also use Lemon in my water but I don't know what that really does but help me drink more and possibly rot my teeth. Last of all, I have peppermint that I have yet to open the bottle because I have no idea what you use it for. In fact, I guess I am really wondering what you all use yours for?

Next, Brad and I have been cleaning up our act and trying to be more careful about the movies we watch. We started trying to get better (not that either of us were watching horrible movies to begin with but we both knew we could do better) and decided to follow the Prophet's council to not watch anything that has sexual content. Now this cuts out about all of the movies ever made. But we have really noticed a difference and have gotten more and more sensitive (in a good way). I have really liked making this change although I still struggle not to watch Devil Wears Prada because that is like one of my all time favorite movies. (it's not that bad, is it?) Brad and I always check out movies we want to see with this website: It is, I believe, connected to the Deseret News website and is really a great tool for making sure that we know exactly what to expect in a movie. It goes into fantastic detail about everything, has a rating system and reviews new movies right after they come out (like the day of or the day after). I highly recommend this site. Sometimes we get a kick out of what this site calls "sexual content" such as a husband holding his wife's hand but as of yet, we have never walked into a movie and not known what was going to be shown. So does anybody have any good recommendations of clean movies? We are always on the look out.

So a little while ago, I went to a thyroid specialist because I was showing all of the classic signs of having thyroid problems, but my numbers were relatively normal. While at the thyroid specialist office, I was told that I might have insulin resistance (never having been diagnosed because I don't weigh 400lbs and I am too small for most Drs. to think about it. Same has been said about Megan). I was also told that I have hypoglycemic episodes ( I already knew that.) and all of this has lead me to be on a diet that gives me 30 grams of carbs per meal and 15 for each snack (3 snacks). But at the end of the day, 1 banana and a couple of bite fulls of corn for dinner does not a happy smiling Paige make. (Mom, I know I misplaced that modifier but it was for dramatic emphasis). I generally do well throughout the day but by dinner my blood sugar has really had it and I am not much of a cook so I don't really eat much for dinner. I am also on a medication that helps make insulin more efficient in the body but also causes low blood sugar so I have A LOT more episodes than I have ever had before. This leads to some funny stories of bursting into tears (an unfortunate and embarrassing side effect of low blood sugar) and shaking all over the place to where I can hardly feed myself and dump half of what ever I can eat all over myself. So do any of you out there have any good easy recipes for low carb foods? dinners specifically. I am going to try a cauliflower pizza crust tomorrow and we will see how that turns out. Again, poor Brad. He is such a support and only dies with laughter when I am crying because of low blood sugar (don't worry, I am laughing too) and not when I am crying because of anything else. He really tries to help think of ideas of what I can eat and tries to make whatever I eat work for him as well. I am so lucky.

Last, as a reward for reading this forever long blog post, you get the tip of the day. I tried this from Pinterest yesterday and it worked fantastic. So I never paint my nails because I feel like suffocating with all of that wet paint on my fingers and inevitably, no matter how careful I am being, I smudge them. EVERY time. But I have found, or someone else has found but I am taking credit here, the solution. If you paint your nails and then hold them in cold water for 3 or 5 minutes, your nails will come out dry and you can clean up any paint that got on your skin. Works great. Life changing. No more waiting and worrying and fending off anyone who gets too close. Miracle to the life of woman. Now you know. Your welcome.    



  1. First of all....I Love You! A Lot!
    Second....Wow! Have you ever written that much by your own free will and choice? I loved it...misplaced modifiers (for dramatic effect) and all.
    Now, about the essential oils.
    You know I'm not an expert, but it sounds like you are using them appropriately. You could email Leanna or Rachel directly for more information, or go on line and look up more.
    Peppermint: I like it for energy and it is cooling and invigorating. Might help with those "lows" you sometimes get.
    Wondering about the low blood sugar incidents. Do you think you should talk to the doc about them?
    Food ideas: check out Megan's blog. And google some stuff.
    Pinterest: When did you turn into a real girl?
    Brad: Lucky you! He's a keeper, all right!

    I love you! Still! Bunches and bunches....

  2. You know, it is amazing what you will do to distract yourself from doing homework and studying for a test. I love you bunches too. I have looked at Megan's blog but most of her ideas are too many carbs for me. She is more worried about getting all of that "other" stuff out that carbs are not as big of a deal for her. So I don't really know where to go to find stuff. I have thought about talking to the Dr. about all of the "episodes" but just haven't yet. I have them almost every day but I also am not eating all of the carbs that I am supposed to so that might be why. I am working on that and I have been a little better the last couple of days. A little. Also, I saw that thing about the nails and let me tell you what, if there were any point when I might turn "girl" this nail trick would do it. Pretty cool but mostly I had fun figuring out why it worked. science nerd in me I guess. Painted nails all in the name of science.

  3. I love your creed to watch better movies! Carl & I should do that too!

    1. It really is amazing what you will gain and learn from it. I am kind of stunned at the stuff that I never even thought about before in movies. You just get so used to it all and then when you cut it all out, you are amazed that you ever even tolerated it before. It is a good experiment I think to see if you are on track or not. Just something that we did and I by no means think that everyone needs to do it (although I think everyone could benefit from it) Just a cool thing that we have done :)

  4. Oh. My. GOODNESS! I had to get comfy in my recliner to read this book!

    For me, Lavender doesn't work for sleep. I have to use Clary Sage and Vetiver. Everyone is different so you need to experiment with the oils a bit.

    You are using the oils correctly, just go easy on the dosage. :D Tell Brad that smelling Lavender all night isn't so bad. It could be worse which is where Peppermint comes into play. :D Your Mom's suggestions/uses for Peppermint are correct. I also use it when I have.... umm....... GAS! You can rub it on your tummy or what I do is fill an empty gel cap with several drops and swallow.

    About the diet. Can't help you there. I'm in the same boat, trying to figure it out, and failing miserably. Personally I think food/cooking is over rated and I'm ready for those celestial bodies that don't need it.

    As for movies...... again...... we're the last to be able to help you there. We've been out of the movie industry for years. Kids will do that to/for ya!

  5. Paige (sangster, i still think that's the coolest last name, but I suppose if you had to give it up, mousley is the perfect name to change to :) I think we are having the same brain waves even though we talk like...never, but I would love to help you find super duper yummy recipes that work for you because you know me, food is my favorite thing to talk about...and eat. Let me know :) I love that you are getting into the oils. I just recently started to dive more into them as well, but mostly because of James. Peppermint is a life saver for getting that kid to burp! I'm serious about the recipe thing. Love you girly!

  6. I would love to get recipes from you!! I have been upping my carb limit a bit because I really was having a hard time on such a low carb diet. With increased carbs, I have felt better and have more energy and am not about to pass out by lunch. (the dr. told be to stick with it and not to up the carbs but when have I ever listened to a dr. anway? :) I really feel like I need to eat better and not starve so much. When I was being really strict, I was eating at MOST 700 cal. a day (if I was lucky) and no one can tell me that that is healthy. I agree that if I had to give up Sangster (still one of my favorite last names ever) Mousley is a pretty good one to trade with but mostly because it means I am married to the wonderful man that I am. Does that make sense? :)

  7. Makes perfect sense! Happy to hear he is so good to you. 700 calories is not! healthy at all. I learned that 1200 was the lowest a person could go and get barely enough calories, unless of course the person was naturally teeny, tiny like under 5 ft. tall tiny. I think you are right to add in more carbs. You know your body way better than the doctor. I would love to find some recipes for you, will you send me and email about more of what you are looking for and more detail about this whole carb thing?