Friday, August 17, 2012

Graduation. I finally did it!!!

No one ever thought it would actually happen, but it did. I learned all there ever was to learn and I never have to learn another thing ever again. Ever. Well I guess I do have one more thing to learn. But just one. I have to complete an internship starting Sept. 5th at a local veterinary clinic and then I really am done with college. At least I think.Before the graduation ceremony, we had a BBQ for all of the girls in the vet tech program and their families. Dr. Quirl (one of our teachers) was kind enough to let us all come to his place.

Here is my cute husband enjoying himself (he says he looks drunk but I think he looks good). 

I was so grateful that both sets of my parents came to support me. It was so fun to have everyone there. 
My dad after him and my mom left that morning trying to get to the BBQ on time to help set everything up. I am so lucky my parents are the type to get up early and drive all day just to sit through a boring long graduation. 
One of my teachers, Sister Baeza 
Dr. Dredge and I. We call him the program's dad because he was there right when it all started and became almost a father figure to all of us as we went through the program. 
 Here I am shaking Dr. Dredge's hand but I had a secret.
 My dad snuck me a fake snake (which Dr. Dredge HATES) and I had it up my sleeve for when I shook his hand. For the last 2 years Dr. Dredge and all of us have been joking and pulling pranks and probably having more fun then a college program should allow. I knew I had one more shot so I took it. He laughed so hard and then threw it down on the ground and stomped on it to make sure it was dead. Dr. Dredge always told us no one dared to bring a snake to him to be cured because the way he would cure it would be to end its life.      
 Me walking across the stage receiving the empty diploma case that I worked for 5 years to get. I'm so happy I could burst. But I'm pretty sure I probably could have had a lot shorter of a time and spent a lot less money just buying off someone else's empty diploma case.   

 I also got a flower to boot! Thousands of dollars didn't go for nothin'. It must have been one expensive flower. 

 Brooke and I. Two Montana girls who finally got-er-done. 
 This is the very first person I ever met at collage. I was walking to church my first Sunday (no roommates yet) and there was this girl who wasn't used to the snow and couldn't quite make it to church in her high heels. We ended up walking together and that was that.
 The dream team. 

 Gross I know. But we liked it. :)
 Once again, I was so grateful that mom and dad Mousley came to support me. It took a lot for them to make it and I am grateful they did. 
 And my parents got up early and made the long drive and came to support me. I am so lucky. They worked so hard so that they could be with me and they worked hard to help me get through college. I never would have made it without their help and support.  
Finally, after 5 years of working hard, this is the most intelligent look I could come up with.