Monday, February 6, 2012

Subtle Hints

So after a few little tiny itty bitty hints from my mom and a few others, I have decided that maybe this whole blog thing isn't just a one time deal. I have thought long and hard about what my readers may want. And then like a lightening bolt, it hit me. They might like it if i updated this at least once. I mean, as entertaining as reading the same first post over and over again, and staring at vomit inducing 70's orange patterns is, they might like another dip into my ever happinin' life and charming witty exchanges. Some might feel to classify my dialog as obnoxious, but me and my family choose to call it witty banter. But seeing as all that Brad and I are doing right now is homework, and lots of it, I decided rather than just taking pictures of the mess of books that is taking over our living room, I might take you all for a ride to the past. Now a quick warning to those chronological junkies. Brad is in class and I don't know how to get pictures from his camera to my computer. So all I have to work with is the pictures already on my computer. What this means is that they will be out of order and possibly not very good pictures. I was given a camera from a good friend, and, while this is better than nothing, you might get the same effect from stick figure drawings. But forge on we must. I will also try really hard to remember to take pictures whenever Brad and I are not stuck with our noses in books or sleeping. Although, it might be fun to take pictures of Brad while he is sleeping, but since I committed my eternity to him, I think I should probably be nice.

So one day, before Brad and I got married, We decided that we really needed to spend some time together, working out the details of our relationship and our future life together, and the only time that would work was during all of our classes. Sorry mom, please don't read on. So we skipped all of our classes and went out to breakfast in Idaho Falls and then found a really neat Haloween store that even had a section just for adults. And, seeing as both of us are over 18, we wandered strait there. Don't worry, there was nothing bad, just costumes sized for adults.

Please note blade size difference. I win.

And then we were happy.