Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There comes a time.

You know that magical moment that all girls dream of? You know, after the wedding bells have rung, the night of twinkling lights and congratulations, after that first dance when you stair up into your sweethearts eyes and realize that you really found, "the one" and you couldn't be happier? That magical moment you have been waiting for when you turn to your best friend in the world, the man of your dreams, and you say, "It's time. It is time to settle down and start our life. It's time to start our blog." I am. Giving in to pure instinct. I wasn't too keen on the idea of an all obsessing and time consuming blog but then it hit me. I could spend countless hours on Facebook, reading about how other people are doing, looking at their pictures and hoping that all goes well in their lives, OR I could be spending all of my time talking about MY life and posting pictures about ME. What could be better than an avenue to be able to talk about nothing but my life? But since I am not the self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic type, I will talk about Brad too. I guess. If I must.

I guess the biggest thing right now I have on my mind is this; my faithful readers. Now, to be honest, I don't know who all will be reading this. The only person I can really count on to even want to read about my life is my mom. So because of her I have succumbed to the internal instinct of blogging. But then it hit me. Not only do I think she will be the only one to read this, but my sister megan is about to have a baby and once that happens, I can't expect my one and only faithful fan to stick around. So really this is poor timing on my part. Maybe if I had only waited till the little bundle had come, the baby would be old news and my blog would be the big thing. Now I am going to have to compete for attention from an infant. I mean, I am pretty fascinating but for some reason, I just don't think I can compete with a new grandchild....... Never mind. It must just have been the whispering of my critics. I'm back on track and know that no one will take my loving fans from me.

Anyway, enough for now. I guess when I finally have a breather from my homework I can think about adding more stuff about me. Oh and Brad. He is doing great too. I might even add some pictures. But as for right now, all you faithful fans out there in cyberspace will have to wait for more of my witty banter.


  1. I LOVE your witty banter! And have I told you lately that you is beautiful, you is smart, you is kind....oh wait. That's a movie quote (kind of)...but they must have gotten it from you! I am so proud of you. (now I'm being completely serious). You make me happy...and so does your blog! Thank you for fulfilling your daughterly duties. Hurry up and post pictures! Quick, before the baby comes.....

  2. So by the way, not sure how this blogging thing goes, but do I invite people or do they just find me? I mean, who wouldn't want to read about me, so I want to be sure everyone has equal opportunities here. And I'm thinking I will be the next great discovery, like Justin Beber, but if blogging. People will flock to read my words. Anyway, just don't want family and such to be offended if they are not the first to come.

  3. On that, I have no idea! Why don't you send an invite to Megan and ask her? And Justin Bieber will have to try to keep up with you, that's all I'm sayin.....

  4. You are hysterical. Even if you can't compete with the up and coming grandchild. Such is life. Post your blog as a status update in FB and you'll get followers.

  5. You are so funny! I think if you want to keep up and compete with the new grandchild you should work on having a cousin for that baby. They could be close in age and grow up together, but apart because you live so far apart. I am just saying that's the next logical step after marriage, right? If you are not keen on the baby thing yet then I think you better just post a lot of pictures and keep being your funny self. I will be one of your followers, but I am your cousin so I guess I only kind of count in your fame. LOL!

  6. Oh PJ.......... you have bitten of the apple...... there's no turning back!! Welcome to the world of blogging which by the way...... your mother doesn't read my blog and I'M HER STINKIN' SISTER! Selfish.

    I'm okay with that. My ego is okay. Justin Beiber just called and asked me to write a piece on my socks I'm knitting......

  7. P.S. If you want readers you:

    A) You write people and invite them
    B) You read and comment on other peoples' blogs
    C) When people comment on your blog reply back! Your readers
    feel like it is more of a conversation and not just one sided.
    D) When people comment on your blog you go and support them by
    commenting on their blogs. (Cough! Mine!)
    E) You write often.
    F) You post lots of photos. At least one image per blog entry
    if you can. Sometimes just words is okay but readers like
    G) You keep being your witty cute adowable self!

  8. there comes a time.....when your loyal fans expect an update!

  9. There comes a time........... when you need to listen to your mother and your favorite auntie! Read letters C,D, and E!

  10. Here i am, disappointed yet again. I guess it's ok. I will get over it eventually. It's just that it's so hard to stay optimistic and hopeful when your hopes are always dashed. But I will continue on. I will check each day, on the ever-hopeful chance that this blog might be updated. It's worth a try. I've been a mother for a long time. I know how to be patient. Sometimes. Just one quick question though -- is the curve on this blogging experience for you going to be any shorter than the learning curve was when you learned to read? cuz I'm getting old.....

    1. You know Sherri......... I do update mine...... I won't disappoint you....... You'll always be optimistic and hopeful whe you read my blog........ Patience is one of those virtues that is highly overrated........... there's no learning curve on my blog....... in fact.... I think you'll find that there is no learning of anything or curves on my blog! Just sayin......... Oh! And you'll feel quite young when you read my blog.... In case you forgot where it is, not that I'm saying you're old and this is a memory thing or anything........ :

  11. Mother. I am teaching you a very valuable lesson. One I tried to teach you for many years now. Bribery, is the way. My closet is atrophying as we speak. That's a fancy word that they teach us college students meaning getting smaller or needing replenished dontcha see. I knew how to read for a long time. I just had to wait around for you to get the picture. Must be that age thing you keep talking about. Brain atrophy maybe? But I'm no doctor. Not yet anyway. So anyway, here are your options. In life we all have to make choices. #1 take me shopping for gargantuan amounts of clothing. Or #2 wait for me to finally get a handle on the homework situation. Once homework and tests have let up a bit, I will first breath, second eat something and third update. In that order. Because holding ones breath for 5 weeks and not eating for about the same amount of time might kill them dead. As apposed to the commonly confused killed not dead. You see, killed not dead is the alive french form of killed dead. You must be alive and french to be killed not dead. Again, something they teach in my geography class. If I ever took one. What is geography again? Study of verbiage and conjugated adjectives?
    Rachel. Come on. I only have one fan. Please stop tempting her to leave me. Besides, She only says she is disappointed when she comes to my blog and nothing is updated. I mean, my blog is orange. What is better then staring at a vomit inducing 70's themed orange pattern? If you move the side bar up and down fast, it almost makes you want to pull out a hair pick and snazzy lime green pleather bell bottoms. And she can once again read my first post. Again. And again. And again.....

    1. Forgive me whilst I point out the obvious --- you could have had a dandy update with all of that stuff about being French killed not dead, which made perfect sense to me, because I'm a mother and I have been hearing that kind of logic and excuse making for a very (VERY) long time! Because when it comes to being brain atrophied, French or otherwise, I get it. Boy, do I get it. I do understand the healing power of therapeutic shopping, the gargantuan need for new pleather clothing, and the intricacies of geography and verbiage.....but you did stump me one one thing......How does one conjugate adjectives?

      Present tense --the fat dog
      Past tense - the fatted dog
      Future tense -- the in-fatuated dog
      Plural - those fats dogs
      verb -- the fatting dogs

    2. But if your mother comes to my blog she can see photo after photo of rodeo bulls with butterflies covering their conjugated parts! That beats 70's throw up wall paper any day!